Friday, February 25, 2011

Out of the house!

Jenna and I were so excited to get out of the house on Thursday. We went and rode on the Front Runner train with some of my family. Altogether I think there were 11 of us. We got off in Ogden and rode the FREE trolley to the Childrens Treehouse Museum. It was awesome! I will suggest however, that if there is a school group there wait until they leave to wander around. At first it was a little chaotic! But once they left, all was quiet and peaceful until a little two year old with a lot of attitude wanted to run. But the great thing about this place is that you can touch EVERYTHING!! It's perfect for those little hands that love to explore! Jenna particularly LOVED all the toy horses they had to play with or the areas where she could draw/paint on something. So enjoy some pics of our fun!

Yes, that is how she smiled, with her EYES CLOSED!! Ha ha! What a silly girl!

Probably my favorite pic all day. A monkey in a cage!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Cards!

Okay, so technically I have never ever sent out Holiday cards with our picture on them. I've always wanted to but ran out of time. I think they are the perfect way to say Merry Christmas to your family and friends. Well this year, I am actually going to make these magnificient cards and send them out! I am committed to doing this. I'm going to be using to make these cards. I am really excited because they have the cutest designs to choose from. I've never made cards through them before but I have made photo books in the past and they are absolutely adorable and super easy to make! I even have a great family picture of us in the fall leaves that I am going to use. It's going to be great, just wait and see! Oh, and I'm also working on one of my new favorite projects, photo calendars. I'm making a few for Christmas presents and can't wait to see the end result. If you are interested in making calendars or cards you can go to the following websites:

Christmas cards to · Calendars to

Monday, October 25, 2010


We went to Lake Powell this past week and stayed in a house boat. It was lots of fun and just a slight bit chilly!! BRRRR!!!! Jenna loved the sand and water and continued to play out there no matter how cold it was!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I guess it's about time that I update this old thing!! I've decided to just post some pics of some things over the past couple months. For Labor Day we went to the cabin and it was wonderful. A much needed time off for our little family!! Kaleb is still in school and teaching. I'm just the same as ever, creating more and more goals for myself and feeling pretty good when I achieve one of them :) My lastest goal/idea is going back to school when Kaleb is finished. I'm feeling the desire to go but I want to make sure it's what I'm supposed to do first. Regardless of what happens, I'm excited for the future! Jenna, well she's 2 and I don't think I need to say more. But she is talking a lot more and with that comes less temper tantrums (NOTE: I did not say no more tantrums!!) On a side note, I CANNOT wait for Fall. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fall. I never really used to but it brings back lots of wonderful memories, mostly of Kaleb :) So when I see/feel the weather changing, I just sit back, put on a sweater and sigh!

If it looks like she took dirt and rubbed it all over her face, it's because she did. She loves dirt.

My brothers and sisters were able to come camping with us and we had such a great time going for rides, etc...

Jenna's birthday was really fun. I did a beach theme and tried out my cake decorating skills again. I think it's proof that I am not supposed to make cakes for a profession. I will probably just keep trying and trying and never make anything spectacular but it's fun to try, right?

This is what Jenna was doing secretly while I was making the cake. Yes, it's green food coloring and believe me, doesn't come off of everything easily!! So she was stained green for her birthday!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Years Ago Today....

Some of my most fav. pics of all time! She can have quite the attitude sometimes but I love all of her, including her sass!! I am so excited to see what this next year will bring!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Kaleb & I enjoying some food!

This is not an uncommon look at our house. She loves to ride her bike in or outdoors!

We are so excited at our house for warm weather!! Jenna absolutely loves it outdoors and always throws a fit when we come in. So to solve this little problem, we just open our patio doors and she roams the back deck. We took down the gate from inside and put it on the stairs of the deck so she can't escape. She just loves coming out/in whenever she chooses! With the warm weather I've had about a million ideas of what I need to be doing right now. I'm feeling so motivated. But I've decided that I need to slow it down and do things one at a time. I just realized that life is like pie. If you eat the whole thing all at once, you're gonna be sick. But if you eat it slice by slice, you'll savor it and keep wanting more!! That definitely describes my life right now!!